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Sell In Nigeria

Sell In Nigeria

Sell Your Old Stuff In 4 Simple Steps

We bet there are lots of various unwanted stuff at your home. Be it an old camera you probably won’t use again, unwanted clothes you will never wear, or the book you got as your birthday gift you will never read. All of this stuff’s in no way useful for you, simply occupying the space. The solution is simple – sell the unwanted things and make money from it!

In order to be successful at selling your old stuff online, you need to remember a couple of simple steps.

Step #1 – Look around

The very first thing to do in the beginning of the selling anything online is looking around and determining the product you got to sell. Prepare one big box where you will put all the unwanted stuffs while cleaning your rooms, kitchen or garden. Then you will have to separate all the items by the categories, such as clothes, shoes, electronics, beauty products, and others.

Step #2 – Hook up the value

The next thing you should do is take your laptop or your mobile phone and check out the value of things you intend to sell on the Internet. When you find the approximate price of new stuff, divide it by half (as your products are not new already). That is how you can make sure you will find the clients, as people will definitely get interested with a low price.

Step #3 – Post ads
This step requires a couple of sub-steps, actually, as you will have to proceed with some kind of procedure:

Take quality photos of each of your products;
Write a super-attractive description of the item and mention for how long it was in use;
Provide your contacts, so the potential customer can reach you quickly and easily.
Download an app in order to always stay in touch with your customers, it is better to install an app on your smart phone and track your ads from time to time.

Step #4 – Choose reliable web trading platforms

If you want to be sure that your items are exposed to the real buyers, use the websites with the highest reputation in your country. is one of such kind. The people visiting this web-platform are all real users who come here to sell and buy, to negotiate, set prices, and make real deals. Besides, there is a great App, which is remarkable for its user-friendly interface, ease of navigation, protection from scammers, and occupying little space in your phone.

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